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Converts videos to and from a long list of formats

Converts videos to and from a long list of formats

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Ultimate Video Converter converts videos into a wide range of formats. The software also supports the ability to convert music to a format suitable for your needs. This allows you to convert your audio to a format supported by the device you want to use, including any iOS devices, the iPod, Android, Sony PSP and other mobile audio and video players. It can even convert some of the more difficult to work with formats, such as WMV and 3GP files.

The software is available free of charge and contains many unique features that other programs don't provide. The super fast conversion feature can convert certain videos and movies in less than three seconds. This one-step conversion option can save you a significant amount of time when you want to quickly and easily convert several movies into various formats. Additionally, you can use advanced customization options to customize your video and audio. The gives you unprecedented control over the output controls that you can save for future use as a custom control.

If you want fast, easy and effective conversion of your videos, this program allows you to manage your video collection and convert videos using a simple drag and drop operation. You can also drag and drop multiple videos into a pre-established Windows folder, and any file sent to the folder gets automatically converted to the format you choose. This is probably one of the best reasons to install this software. It's like having an assistant that converts your videos for you. This program is a must-have for amateurs and professionals alike.

During the conversion process, a dialog box appears that shows you the total process. You can preview your files by selecting a video and pressing the "Play" button. Once converted, you can email or burn your files to disk using a simple button in the navigation bar. The program is free to use, but there is also an upgrade option available to enable more advanced functionality. Options for video can be selected from the "Video Conversion Settings" drop-down menu, and advanced tools can be selected from the "Tools" menu. The software is simple enough for even a novice computer user, and the simple and intuitive design makes it possible to get to work quickly.

The program excels at converting videos to a format of your choosing. If you want to enable advanced options, such as trimming and editing video, it's best to use another dedicated program to use more advanced video editing options.


  • It quickly converts video to a variety of formats.
  • Custom controls allow you to create configurations to quickly convert videos.
  • Super fast, three-second conversion option enables you to convert many videos quickly.
  • It has options to create folders that allow you to quickly and easily convert several files.


  • This program excels at converting videos. Another program should be used to edit videos.
  • It requires an upgrade to enable some of the more advanced features.

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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